Monday, 27 February 2012

What can I say

Well what can I say my plans to blog regularly have failed miserably – good job I did start before Christmas and not wait to make a new years resolution. I can say though that my time has not been put to waste, as I am doing my first craft fair next week Saturday 3rd March and I am sooooooo excited. I have been busy crafting, stitching, sewing in my spare time, which isn’t any easy feat between working, homelife, brownies ( I am a Brownie Guider) and general living.

I tend to do most of my making on Saturdays when the Boys go to support Burnley FC, leaving just me and the Merls at home.
So if you happen to be passing here next week do bob in or take a peek at Lavenderfieldsevents website -  or facebook -
I will endeavour to blog more frequently from now on.

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